Family Law

The traditional divorce model pits husband versus wife, mother versus father. Collaborative Law is a refreshing team-oriented alternative. Each client retains a separate attorney whose job is to counsel the client and help resolve disputes. The attorneys work together to help both clients meet their needs. Open communication is advanced by a trained facilitator, while support and property options are developed by a neutral financial professional. The clients, attorneys, and other team members agree beforehand that the matter will not be brought into the court system until a full agreement is reached.


The Collaborative Process allows for flexible, creative solutions to a family law matter. The team explores options that look beyond a legal framework by incorporating the skills and expertise of the facilitator and financial professional. Clients are encouraged to focus on the best interests of their family, rather than rigid negotiation positions, to reach their goals. In the unlikely event that a settlement is not reached, the Collaborative attorneys withdraw and litigation lawyers may be retained. The knowledge that the Collaborative attorneys cannot bring the case in front of a judge further permits the parties to speak openly about potential settlement options (and frees attorneys from conducting exhaustive, costly opposition research).

Attorney Adam B. Cordover Runs Tour de Village 5K

This past weekend I continued my newfound trend of going forward faster:  I completed my second 5K run in three weeks as part of Carrollwood Village’s Tour de Village.

This time I did significantly better than my Gasparilla 5K Run (33:48):  my official time was 28:51.  This placed me in 4th place in my age group (30-34).  Of course, I have to thank my 14-year-old nephew, Jake, for pacing me in this run.

Portions of the proceeds from the Tour de Village went to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the American Cancer Society.


Team in Training