Cordover Presents on Collaborative Mediation for International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

On July 17, 2024 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time, Family Diplomacy managing attorney Adam B. Cordover will co-present a webinar on “Collaborative Mediation: Engaging Mediators in the Collaborative Process.”  The presentation is for the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and sponsored by OurFamilyWizard.

Adam’s co-presenters are Heather McArthur, co-founder and president of Collaborative Professionals of Central Florida and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator, and Keith Grossman, a Florida Supreme Court Approved Primary Family Mediation Trainer and president of the Southwest Florida Collaborative Professionals Association.

Adam’s Philosophy on Collaborative Divorce

Adam’s philosophy is that almost anybody going through divorce can benefit from a Collaborative Divorce, but that we professionals need to have as many tools as possible to help as many families as possible.  Rather than try to force a family into a particular model of Collaborative Practice, we should shape a model to meet that family’s needs.  Many Collaborative Lawyers have heard of models such as One-Coach/Neutral Facilitator, Two Coach, or Lawyer-Only.  This presentation will discuss a different model: Collaborative Mediation.

Collaborative Mediation

Collaborative Mediation has four defining elements: (1) each person has their own lawyer; (2) there is a written participation agreement; (3) the participation agreement includes a disqualification clause preventing lawyers and other members of the team from engaging in court fights; and (4) there is one or more mediator involved.

This model of Collaborative Practice not only gives families an additional option for resolving disputes without fighting in courts, but it also gives mediators an avenue into the Collaborative Community and the ability to create their own Collaborative Matters.

If You Are Facing Divorce, We Can Help

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Adam B. Cordover is a member of the Board of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and former chair of the Research Committee as well as the Ethics and Standards Committee.  Adam is recipient of the inaugural “Visionary Award” of the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (“FACP”) and co-founder and co-instructor of the inaugural FACP Leadership Institute.  Adam represents clients virtually throughout the State of Florida and has offices in Tampa, Saint Petersburg, and Sarasota.