Study Shows Good Father-Child Relationship Can Temper Negative Effects of Divorce

In a recent article in the Commentator Magazine entitled The Negative Impact of Divorce on Children, psychologists Lori Wasserman, Sheila C. Furr, and Theodore Wasserman discuss several studies which follow children before, during, and years after their parents divorce.  The article relays negative effects that divorce can bring out in children, including (i) difficulty in school, (ii) more behavioral problems, (iii) self-concepts that are negative, (iv) more problems with peers, and (v) more trouble getting along with their parents.

The article notes, however, that a close father-child relationship may help stem these negative effects:

When a nonresidential father has frequent contact and there is minimal conflict, children are faring better.  Amato and Gilbreth (1999) found that when fathers helped with homework, set appropriate limits and demonstrated warmth, children fared better.

The article goes on to discuss that some of the effects of divorce on children may be derived from a high-conflict relationship that existed between the parties while they were still married.  The bottom line seems to be that parents should work together and encourage a close relationship between the other parent and the children:

In summary, studies suggest that some of the psychological and behavioral issues noted by parents and teachers post-divorce may, in fact, be presenting prior to separation.  Most children survive divorce in relatively healthy states.  The potentially deleterious effect of divorce is, however, not to be denied, and may be more pronounced in some children.  Minimizing the negative effects of divorce has been shown repeatedly to require the inclusion of ongoing, consistent, warm and structured contact with both parents in a low conflict situation.

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