What is a Florida Parenting Plan?

For every Florida divorce case in which child custody issues are being decided, the judge must enter a parenting plan.

A parenting plan is a document that sets out parents’ rights and responsibilities towards their children.  The parenting plan will explain each parent’s right to make major decisions concerning the children (such as education or medical decisions).  The parenting plan will also flesh out each parent’s right to spend time with the children and detail which specific days the children will sleep overnight at each parent’s home.

The parenting plan will even discuss when and where exchanges of the children will take place, which parent will be responsible for bringing the children to the exchange location, and what are the consequences if a parent is late in bringing the children to the exchange.

Though detailed parenting plans may seem extreme and intrusive, I have found that the more specifics contained in a parenting plan, the less room there is for misunderstandings and back-and-forth arguments.  Besides, there is often a clause in a parenting plan that the parents may alter the time-sharing schedule if they both agree; if there is any disagreement, the parents will go back to the default schedule.

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