Interfaith Marriage and Divorce

According to USA Today, a 2001 American Religious Identification Survey found that divorce is three times more likely in interfaith marriage than from those marriages where each partner is from the same faith. Here are some other findings from the 2001 survey:

  • 22% of U.S. homes had at least two people from two different faiths in the household;
  • 28.4 million Americans are living in interfaith households;

  • 66% of Catholic parents in interfaith marriages say their children are being raised in their faith, while 54% of Lutherans, 51% of Methodists, and 31% of Episcopalians say the same thing;
  • Each mixed faith household may cost religious denominations three to six future adherents when parents choose one or no faith for their children; and
  • 16% of Americans say they have switched their faith at some point.

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