Tampa Court Publishes Requirements for Divorce

In an effort to make the process for divorce clearer to litigants in Hillsborough County, the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit has published the following Requirements for Dissolution of Marriage:

1.  PROOF OF RESIDENCY. 6 months prior to filing Petition. May be proved by drivers license, voter I.D., Affidavit of Corroborating Witness; or testimony of witness. Section 61.052(2), Fla. Stat.

2.  U.C.C.J.E.A. If any minor child or children born as a result of the marriage. Section 61.501 -61.542, Fla. Stat. (2002)

3.  FINANCIAL AFFIDAVITS for each spouse, Rule 12.285(d)(1), Family Law Rules. (This requirement may not be waived if there are financial issues.) Under $50K/Yr. – Over $50K/Yr.

4.  COMPLETED CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES WORKSHEET, if there are minor children. Family Law Rules Form 12.902(e).

5.  MANDATORY DISCLOSURE Rule 12.285, Family Law Rules.

6.  CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION FOR PARENTING COURSE (i.e., Parents, Children and Divorce). If there is a minor child or children born as a result of the marriage. Section 61.21, Fla. Stat.

7.  FINAL DISPOSITION FORM. (Form 1.998 Florida Rules of Civil Procedure)

8.  SEE FAMILY LAW FORMS 12.990(A) – 12.990(C)(2). For Final Judgment Forms and Content

9.  FINAL JUDGMENT cannot be entered until 20 days after filing the Petition. Section 61.19, Fla. Stat.

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