Video: How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Have you heard of Collaborative Divorce?  If you are considering dissolving your marriage, it is an option to take control of your future and keep your private life outside of the public courtroom.

But how does Collaborative Divorce work?

In the video below from CBS Pittsburg, Collaborative Professionals Paula Hopkins and Marlene Boas explain the Collaborative Process.

Families in Florida have been utilizing Collaborative Divorce more and more.  Further, you now have the option of divorcing from home by participating in the Collaborative Process via Zoom.

Starting the Collaborative Divorce Process

To learn more, contact a Collaborative Divorce professional.  Find out how this process will work for your family.

Adam B. Cordover is one of the most experienced Collaborative Lawyers in Florida, and he is currently accepting clients throughout the Sunshine State.  Adam teaches other lawyers how to offer Collaborative Services and has co-written a book published by the American Bar Association on the topic.