Technological Solutions to Shared Parental Responsibility

South Carolina Attorney Megan C. Hunt mentions some online tools available to help facilitate co-parenting:

But the reality is that co-parenting is HARD.  It is difficult for two people who have decided they can’t get along to coordinate schedules, discipline, and all the other details of raising children.

Because co-parenting is so tough (and such situations are so common), there are now services and communities especially for parents who need help.  One such program is Our Family Wizard, which provides a calendar for documenting parenting time, an internal message system for communications with your ex-spouse, the ability to keep a shared or private journal about your children, and a way to share the children’s health, education, and other records.

Another such tool is  There are also online co-parenting communities like WeParent, co-parenting classes like Child Sharing, and coaching through the Conscious Co-parenting Institute.

Though I have not had clients who utilized these tools, I have done a little research into Our Family Wizard.  It does seem like a great program for those parents in a high-conflict relationship who need to have all communication in writing in a format accessible by their attorneys.

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