What Are Florida Standard Family Law Interrogatories?

There are times when a Florida judge orders – or an opposing counsel requests – a person to answer standard family law interrogatories.  So what are standard family law interrogatories?

An “interrogatory” is simply a question or request for information that must be answered in writing and under oath (i.e., it must be notarized).  Standard interrogatories are one of two sets of interrogatories approved by the Florida Supreme Court for ease of use in family law cases.  One set of standard interrogatories is for new cases that are filed or cases requesting enforcement of a prior judgment, and the other set of standard interrogatories is for postjudgment cases (for example, where a supplemental petition for modification of parenting plan or child support is filed).

Keep in mind that you only have a limited time to answer interrogatories, and a judge may enter sanctions against you if you do not answer them promptly.

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