Title Photo: A Humane Divorce

A Humane Divorce Option: Collaborative Family Law


Divorce and family law matters are notorious for their adversarial nature, fostering an environment of conflict and animosity. However, there is a more humane alternative known as Collaborative Family Law or Collaborative Divorce. In this blog post, we will explore three points that make Collaborative Divorce a preferable option for many families in Florida.

A Private Alternative to Public Courtroom Battles

One of the key advantages of Collaborative Divorce is the private and confidential nature of the process. Unlike traditional litigation, where personal matters are dissected in open court, Collaborative Divorce takes place in a private Zoom room or the private conference rooms of attorneys or other team members. This setting allows for open, honest, and transparent communication between the parties involved. By keeping discussions privileged and confidential, families can protect their privacy and avoid having intimate, personal details entered into the public record.

A Healthier Divorce Option

In Collaborative Divorce, the focus is shifted from litigation and opposition research to reaching an agreement that benefits the entire family. Attorneys are retained solely for the purpose of facilitating agreement rather than engaging in a contentious battle. By refraining from highlighting flaws and engaging in destructive practices, the Collaborative Divorce model fosters a healthier environment for negotiation and resolution. Additionally, the involvement of a facilitator, a licensed mental health professional, helps the clients and attorneys prioritize the family’s future happiness and well-being.

A Team Approach to Family Law

Collaborative Divorce embraces a team-oriented approach rather than pitting spouses against each other. Each client retains their own attorney, who works together with the other attorney to assist both spouses in meeting their needs. The team also includes a facilitator to enhance open communication and a neutral financial professional to address support and property matters. By working together, the focus shifts from winning to finding creative solutions that prioritize the best interests of the family, which is especially important when children are involved. Importantly, all team members agree from the outset that the matter will not be taken to a judge until agreements are reached, fostering an environment conducive to negotiation.

Conclusion – A Humane Divorce

Collaborative Divorce offers a refreshing and humane alternative to the traditional adversarial approach in family law matters. Its emphasis on privacy, healthier dynamics, and a team-oriented approach contributes to more satisfactory resolutions for families going through difficult times. By embracing the Collaborative Divorce model, families in Florida can navigate divorce and other family law matters with less hostility and greater focus on their future well-being.

Adam B. Cordover is one of the most experienced Collaborative attorneys in Tampa Bay, and he is recognized as an international thought leader in Collaborative Family Law.  He has been published by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Board of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  Adam has researched and worked in various models of the Collaborative Process used around the globe. Rather than adopting a standardized approach, Adam focuses on customizing the Collaborative Process to suit the unique needs of each family. Adam is an Accredited Collaborative Professional under the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (“FACP”), and he is recipient of the Inaugural “Visionary Award” of the FACP for establishing and co-instructing its Leadership Institute.