Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay Elects New Executive Board

The Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay has elected its executive board, and below are the new officers:

  • President: Christine Hearn
  • Vice President: Adam B. Cordover
  • Secretary: Lara Davis
  • Treasurer: Marie-Eve Girard
  • Marketing: David Harper
  • Membership: Jim Spicer
  • Programs: Bob Evans
  • State/Local Liason: Joryn Jenkins
  • Training: Derek Lucas

The Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay is a group of attorneys, mental health professionals, mediators, and financial professionals dedicated to the practice of a less destructive form of family law.

Collaborative Law, or Collaborative Practice, is a new way for individuals to resolve disputes peacefully and respectfully. It is an approach to dispute resolution which does not include the traditional court system. Collaborative Divorce is a specific area of Collaborative Law which gives people facing divorce the opportunity to resolve their issues amicably and with dignity by offering the invaluable resources of attorneys, mediators, and child and life therapists all at one time and in one place. It is often called a “no-court divorce.” Collaborative Law is for people who wish to work cooperatively with their partner in resolving issues, while maintaining control of their situation and working creatively to find answers that will work in the best interest of all parties, instead of leaving it up to the courts.

If you decide Collaborative Law is the right approach for you to address your divorce or family law issue, please be aware that not every legal professional is certified to practice Collaborative Law. Currently, very few lawyers in the Tampa Bay area have received the necessary training and skills to manage collaborative law cases effectively. We are a group of trained therapists, mediators, and legal professionals who have received such training, and are ready to help you begin the Collaborative Law process.

Attorney Adam B. Cordover is a leader in the Tampa Bay collaborative law community. He serves as Vice President of the Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay, successfully spearheaded an effort of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit to draft an administrative order safeguarding the principles of collaborative family law (just the fourth such administrative order in Florida), and speaks at professional and civic organizations regarding the collaborative process.

Adam is also a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and has completed advanced training in interdisciplinary collaborative law, including over twenty hours of collaborative law continuing legal education credit. Adam encourages use of the collaborative model not only in divorce cases but in all types of family law matters including paternity, relocation, child support, and even post-judgment actions.

If you have questions regarding collaborative practice in Tampa Bay and you wish to schedule a consultation, contact The Law Firm of Adam B. Cordover, P.A., at 813-443-0615 or fill out our online form.

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