Video: Collaborative Divorce from Clients’ Perspectives Part 1

Collaborative law is a team-oriented alternative to the traditional litigation model.  It allows for the exploration and implementation of creative, flexible solutions while offering an assurance of privacy.

In the video below, several clients* in Texas describe their experience with interdisciplinary collaborative divorce.  The discussion is led by Linda Solomon, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board Member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and Trainer at Lone Star Collaborative Training.

If you have questions regarding collaborative family law and you wish to schedule a consultation with a collaborative attorney in Tampa Bay, call The Law Firm of Adam B. Cordover, P.A., at (813) 443-0615 or fill out our contact form.

* Please note that the term “client” is used instead of the term “party.”  By using the term “client,” I do not mean to imply that I have represented any of the speakers.

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