I am an Adult – Is it too Late for My Florida Foster Parents to Adopt Me?

Many Florida foster parents and foster children have the mistaken belief that, once a child turns 18, he or she is no longer eligible for adoption.  In fact, Florida Statutes section 63.042 states explicitly that “[a]ny person, a minor or an adult, may be adopted.”

When teenagers come to live in a foster home, they oftentimes do not want to be adopted as they are seeking to exert their independence and may see adoption as a hindrance to that independence.

However, as children become older and more bonded to their foster parents, they may come to appreciate the permanence that comes with adoption.  Further, as foster children become adults, and begin thinking about starting their own families, they may come to realize that they want their children to have grandparents.

Fortunately, Florida has expedited procedures for adult adoption.

If you have questions regarding adult adoption in Florida and you wish to speak with a Tampa Bay adoption attorney, schedule a consultation with The Law Firm of Adam B. Cordover, P.A., by calling us at (813) 443-0615 or filling out our contact form.

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  1. stuartdivorce says:

    In a recent West Palm Beach case, a man who was simultaneously involved in both a criminal prosecution and a civil tort case (arising out of dui collision) attempted to take advantage of this statute to gain access to assets he had placed in an irrevocable trust. Essentially, he attempted to adopt his adult girlfriend thereby making her a beneficiary who could withdraw (and presumably loan or give him) funds. Ultimately the civil cases against him settled and his appeal is pending so it is unclear whether he will be proceeding with this effort at this point.

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