Video: SNL Name Change

This past Saturday, Saturday Night Live returned to the airwaves for its 46th Season.  As a family law lawyer who has helped countless people throughout Florida change their legal names, I was especially intrigued and delighted by the following sketch:


In Florida, the process of changing your legal name requires a court order.  So long as your civil rights are not suspended and you are not seeking to change your name for an ulterior or illegal purpose, we can help you change your legal name.

And now, since most hearings are being held remotely by telephone or Zoom, you can complete most steps from the comforts of your home (though you will need to get fingerprints done through an approved vendor).

So even if you name is not quite as bad as those in this sketch, we can help you exercise your right to change your legal name in Florida.  We help people not only in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Bradenton, but also throughout the State of Florida.