Pre-Order Cordover Mosten ABA Book Now!

Building A Successful Collaborative Family Law Practice by Forrest S. Mosten and Adam B. Cordover  is now available for pre-order on the American Bar Association website.  The book brings together experts in the field of collaborative practice to help professionals learn to make a living while helping families restructure in a better way.

Reviews have already started coming in:

I personally believe Woody Mosten and Adam Cordover have done the Collaborative Practice Community a tremendous service by bringing together this group of respected Collaborative Practitioners to share their experience and expertise. They gathered these voices to speak to the Collaborative Practice and peacemaking world, in an attempt to answer the call of the Community for more Collaborative cases and for a way to stop going to court forever. For those who want to devote their life and practice to changing how families resolve their disputes and to help them move forward in peace, this is the book for you.

Christopher M. Farish, Collaborative Lawyer

Dallas, Texas

President of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

This book is for collaborative practitioners who want to turn their commitment to helping clients achieve wise, respectful, settlements into profitable, satisfying careers out of court.   In clear, down-to-earth language, from a variety of contributors, it provides practical advice related to the collaborative process, from the initial client consultation, to high functioning teams, to process models, to avoiding and managing the termination of a CP case. It is offers tips and coaching on defining your practice style and space,  growing your settlement practice and the nuts and bolts of running a successful, non-litigation business. This book is a welcome resource for peace building-your clients and your own.

Victoria Smith

Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Collaborative Practice appeals to professionals for many reasons but, once trained, all professionals face the challenge of developing a TRUE Collaborative Practice.  This book provides insights from successful Collaborative practitioners and can guide professionals new to the process in coordinating their own evolution.  After training, we often hear, “Where are my cases?”  This book offers numerous approaches and considerations, along with practice tips, to aid the professional in finding their Collaborative clients and helping them on their journeys, all while managing and growing their practices.

Lynda J. Robbins, Mediator and Counselor at Law

Boston, Massachusetts

Past President and  Executive Director,  International Academy of Collaborative Professionals


This book is a must read for Collaborative practitioners who want to learn how to build on their training and assist more of their clients to achieve the respectful, dignified divorce that all families deserve. This book is an essential guide to convert a passion and commitment to Peacemaking into a successful and sustainable business. Let the collected wisdom of the many extraordinary practitioners contained in this book be your guide to a future filled with personal satisfaction and grateful clients.


Beverly Clark

Collaborative Lawyer

Adelaide, Australia


A quiet revolution is reshaping modern family law practice, moving it from the courtroom to the conference room. Woody Mosten and Adam Cordover, two of its leaders.  have assembled the best practitioners in the field to create a practical guide that helps family lawyers understand and join the collaborative revolution. Their book shows that it is possible to develop and maintain a profitable practice and provide the kind of representation that we went to law school for. It is a gift to the profession and the families and children we serve.

Andrew Schepard

Official Reporter for Uniform Collaborative Law Act

Siben & Siben Distinguished Professor of Family Law and Director of the Center for Children, Families and the Law

Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University