Full Service Pro Se Mediation For Less Than $3,500

If you are going through divorce, you should retain an attorney.  Only an attorney can provide you with legal advice that serves your interests.

However, many people, for whatever reason, choose not to hire a lawyer.  And yet, they need help reaching an agreement and filling out all the appropriate paperwork.  For those people, Family Diplomacy offers Pro Se Mediation, also known as mediation without lawyers.

In Pro Se Mediation, Adam B. Cordover will serve as a neutral mediator to help you and your spouse reach an agreement.  As Adam is not acting as a lawyer, he cannot provide legal advice to either spouse.  Pro Se Mediation is a private and cost-effective method to resolve issues related to divorce, and it can be done for a total cost of less than $3,500.

Here is how:

Adam B. Cordover’s current mediation rate is $300 per hour for each three-hour session.  Oftentimes, when there are children, mediation can be completed in two three-hour sessions.

Assuming there are children, Adam will spend the first three-hour session with the parents laying out the rules of mediation and developing a detailed parenting plan which will include a custody schedule and an outline of decision-making authority.  Adam will also provide the spouses with financial affidavits to fill out and bring with them to the next session.

At the second three-hour session, Adam will help the spouses address and develop options for financial issues related to divorce, including family support and the division of assets and debts.

In some cases the spouses will need additional time, in which case we can schedule additional meetings.

Family Diplomacy charges a $500 flat fee to develop and complete the marital settlement agreement.  Additionally, we can prepare required documents (petition, answer and waiver, proposed final judgment, child support worksheet, and other forms) for an optional flat fee of $500.

Finally, the clerk of the court charges a $413 filing fee for the petition (including the e-filing fee).

So, to sum it up, you can go through divorce via Pro Se Mediation for less than $3,500 as follows:

-Mediation Time ($900 per session for two three-hour session) – $1,800

-Marital Settlement Agreement – $500

-Optional Document Preparation – $500

-Court Filing Fee – $413

– TOTAL – $3,213

Please note that each case is different, and so your mediation may take a longer period of time or a shorter period of time, and thus cost more or less.  However, if you are prepared to work face-to-face with your spouse and a mediator and you both are ready and capable of reaching an agreement without lawyers, then this is a method and time frame that could work for you.

Additionally, please note that these rates are subject to periodically change, and you should contact our office to confirm current rates.

To get a 15-minute free telephone consultation with Adam B. Cordover regarding mediation, contact Family Diplomacy at (813) 443-0615 or CLICK HERE to fill out our contact form.

Adam B. Cordover is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator.  Adam also trains attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals in private dispute resolution.

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