Video: Mediators Beyond Borders at United Nations

Mediation is not just for divorce.  It is a form of dispute resolution that is being used to help prevent and mitigate disputes and issues internationally, such as Colombia peacemaking initiatives and efforts to address climate change.

In the video below the jump, Tampa mediator and past president of Mediators Beyond Borders Lynn Cole, Esq., addresses the United Nations about the use of mediation internationally.  This address took place in May 2012.

Mediators Beyond Borders seeks to build local skills for peace and promote mediator worldwide.  Its approach emphasizes inclusivity and cultural competency.  Its multidiscipinary practitioners uncover and address the many contexts of conflict, including the impact of trauma on communities.

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Adam B. Cordover is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and a leader in the field of private dispute resolution.


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