Where Is Your Prenuptial Agreement?

The following is sound advice from Mark Chinn regarding keeping track of legal documents (such as prenuptial agreements and final judgments):

I recently heard of a case where the parties are in the midst of a divorce and the prenuptial agreement signed by the parties cannot be located.  It may have been part of an “old document purge” by the law firm that drafted it.  I suggest that clients retain the originals of important documents and that they place them in a bank safe deposit box or a home, fire proof, safe.

Take the reading of this blog as a prompt to check out where you have stored your important documents such as your will, power of attorney, advanced health care directives, and, of course, prenuptial agreements.  If you have some form of calendaring system, create an annual reminder to check not only the location of such documents but the timeliness of them. In other words, make sure they don’t need to be changed or updated.

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