Video: The Collaborative Way to Divorce with Stu Webb & Ron Ousky

Stu Webb is the founder of collaborative law, also referred to as collaborative divorce.  And sometimes, it is refreshing to listen to his view of the process:  “Collaborative law is different in that it is a method in a divorce situation to get an agreement…by working with two lawyers all in the context of not going to court…There is a commitment on the part of the lawyers that they will not go to court.”  Stu made these statements in a video entitled “The Collaborative Way to Divorce,” which demonstrates what a collaborative divorce can look like, with commentary.

Joining Stu is Ron Ousky, a former president of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  “What I ask clients [who are going through collaborative divorce] to think about is, ‘What is going to matter to you 20 years from now when you look back?  What are the things that you are going to care about,'” asks Ron.  “And usually they will say things like, ‘I want my children to be healthy.  I want to be able to get through this emotionally.  I want to get through this financially.’  Sometimes they’ll say, ‘I want to make sure my spouse gets through it right.  I want to make sure sure we end this with some dignity.’  Often when you get clients to focus on goals, you’ll find that they have shared goals, common goals.  They probably have more in common than they differ on.”


You can find the video after the jump.

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Adam B. Cordover practices exclusively in private dispute resolution.  Adam is a founder and principal trainer of the Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers and teaches attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals to help families via the collaborative process.  Adam is former president of Next Generation Divorce, growing it to become Florida’s largest collaborative practice group, and co-author of an upcoming American Bar Association book on Building a Collaborative Law Practice.

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