Video: Ron Artest Filed to Change His Name. How Do You Change Your Name?

As discussed by the video below, NBA player Ron Artest has filed to change his name to Meta World Peace:

So how do you legally change your name in Florida?

Generally, you file a petition for change of name in the circuit court where you reside and intend to reside in the future.  Your request may be expedited or hindered based on the facts of your case, such as whether you have ever filed for bankruptcy or been arrested for a crime.  Further, you need to be able to move your case forward; the knowledge of how to schedule a hearing for change of name could be the difference between getting a new driver’s license and languishing in name change purgatory.

If you have questions about changing your legal name in Florida, schedule a consultation with Family Diplomacy at (813) 443-0615 or fill out our contact form.

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