Name Change

If you live in Tampa Bay, Greater Sarasota, or elsewhere in Florida and you are looking to change your legal name, Family Diplomacy: A Collaborative Law Firm can help you.  Whether you seek to correct your birth certificate, honor a loved one, or turn a new leaf in life, Family Diplomacy will sit down with you and set a plan for moving forward.

Keep in mind that not everyone is eligible for a name change.  If you were convicted of a felony and have not had your civil rights restored, then a Florida judge will not grant your request for a change of name.  Similarly, if it appears that you are looking to take on a new name for an illegal or ulterior purpose, such as to avoid a money judgment or to infringe on someone’s intellectual property, then your petition for a name change may be denied.

Fortunately, the vast majority of requests for name changes are granted in Florida.  Section 68.07 of the Florida Statutes sets out the procedures:

  1. An applicant petitions for a name change in the circuit court of the county in which he or she lives.
  2. The petition must include detailed information of the applicant, including addresses where he or she has lived and work history.
  3. The applicant gets fingerprinted for a background check through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  4. The applicant testifies before a judge who evaluates the petition and determines whether to grant the name change.

Family Diplomacy: A Collaborative Law Firm helps individuals and families throughout the State of Florida with petitions for change of name.  We will provide an easy-to-read packet, and we will be by your side guiding you throughout the process.

If you have questions regarding legal name change in Florida, schedule a consultation with Family Diplomacy at (813) 443-0615 or fill out our contact form.

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