Trans Name Change in Tampa Bay

Do you want your legal identity to match who you are?  At Family Diplomacy, we have been a cutting edge law firm serving the needs of LGBT clients.  We can help you apply for a change of your legal name and gender marker to sync with your gender identity.  In sum, we can help you with a trans name change.

Trans Name Change

Though Florida is often behind the times, with name changes the state is pretty liberal.  So long as your civil rights are not suspended, and you are not seeking a change of name for an illegal or ulterior purpose, your petition of change of name can be granted by a circuit court judge.

Change Your Legal Name and Gender Marker

Wherever in Florida you reside, we can help you apply for a change of name.  We will draft a petition for change of name and file it on your behalf in the circuit court covering your county.  If you are seeking a change of your legal gender marker, we will also work with you and your doctors to give you the best chance of legal recognition.

Requirements for Trans Name Change

As part of the trans name change process, you will need to provide the same information as anyone else who is applying for a change of name.  This information includes:

  • Whether your name has previously been changed;
  • Your occupation and where you have been employed in the last five years;
  • Whether you have been adjudicated bankrupt;
  • Whether you have been arrested for a crime, regardless of adjudication;
  • Have you have ever been required to register as a sexual predator or sexual offender; and
  • Whether a money judgment has ever been entered against you.

Keep in mind that the answer to any of these questions does not necessarily bar you from requesting your trans name change.

So, are you ready to have your legal identity match your gender identity?

Family Diplomacy: A Collaborative Law Firm and Adam B. Cordover have long served Florida’s LGBT community.  Adam B. Cordover was collaborative attorney and appellate attorney for Shaw versus Shaw.  Shaw v. Shaw was the first same-sex divorce in Florida to challenge the State’s Defense of Marriage Act and constitutional amendment banning recognition of marriage equality.  Additionally, Family Diplomacy has been offering second parent and LGBT adoptions since they have been available in Tampa Bay.  We have also been leading the way to protect the rights of trans individuals and alternative families.