Ten Tips To Make A Good Impression In Family Court

Jeanie Goldstein over at the Divorce Saloon provides a female’s perspective on ten things you can do to make a good impression in a family law courtroom:

1. Wear the right colors – by this I mean the right color for you. There is a science to this. When you wear the right color for you, you are more attractive and tend to have a more favorable impression on people. So don’t wear bright yellow if you can’t pull off that color. Don’t wear black if it makes you look depressed. Don’t wear white if it makes you look washed out. That sort of thing. Get the idea? Wear the right color for you.

2. Wear the right outfits – Don’t go into court looking like a trollop or like an ax murderer. It is an important and impactful event, your divorce, and you should dress respectfully. Think Lindsay Lohan. The girl might be clueless about proper life decorum but have you seen her when she has a court appearance? Very ladylike and stylish I must say.


3. Speak when spoken to and with respect and deference.

4. Don’t make disparaging remarks about your ex.

5. Smile.

6. Stand when you address the court.

7. Don’t interrupt the judge.

8. Arrive on time.

9. Follow court orders.

10. Be ”cooperative.”

While I probably would not have put this list quite in the terms that Ms. Goldstein uses, I whole-heartedly agree that it is important to make a good impression when in front of a judge.  To paraphrase an old adage, when appearing in court you should always dress for success.

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