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Parenting Coordination: By the Numbers

Section 61.125, Florida Statutes, establishes an alternative form of dispute resolution, known as parenting coordination, for parents attempting to establish or implement a parenting plan.  This process involves a facilitator (referred to as a parenting coordinator) who is usually appointed by a judge to (i) teach techniques in co-parenting and (ii) make recommendations so that the parents are able to better work together in furthering the best interests of their children.  I find that parenting coordination is most often useful in high-conflict child custody situations.

In the most recent edition of Commentator magazine, psychologist Debra K. Carter reveals the results of a study conducted by the Florida Chapter of the Association of Family & Conciliation Court as well as the University of South Florida regarding parenting coordination:

[E]ighty-two percent of Survey respondents use a formal parenting coordination contract with their clients.  Sixty percent charge their clients by the hour with standard fees ranging from $90.00 to $220.00 per hour.  Seventy-eight percent reported that fees were always split 50/50 between the parties.

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