Introducing Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers

We are in exciting times!  In March of this year, Governor Rick Scott signed the Collaborative Law Process Act, and rules of procedure and professional conduct are pending before the Florida Supreme Court.  Divorce attorneys and other professionals are realizing that being trained in the collaborative method is now essential for any family law-related practice.  This presents a tremendous opportunity for expansion for all of our practice groups.


It is in this environment that we are excited to announce the formation of a new training team!  Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers offer a customized two-day introductory interdisciplinary training in the neutral facilitator/neutral mental health professional model at a low-risk cost structure that will help you build a vibrant collaborative community. 

Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers provide a training experience that fulfills the requirements of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals’ standards for introductory trainings. The team also shares lessons from our experience on how greater Tampa Bay has quickly become one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing hubs of collaborative practice.

Contact Adam B. Cordover at or (813) 443-0615 to bring an introductory collaborative training to your community, or visit or read on to learn more.


Each trainer has been intimately involved in bringing collaborative trainings to our communities, and so we understand that practice groups tend not to have excess funds lying around to conduct a training.  It is with this in mind that we have developed an innovative cost structure that reduces the risk of the hosting organization.  We charge a per participant cost, rather than a flat fee, so the hosting organization can have more control over expenses.


Our introductory training is community-focused, as we understand that no professional can do  collaborative work on their own.  Each member of the training group has been a key figure in the tremendous growth of collaborative practice in our communities.  One of our main goals is to help set the foundation so that our attendees can re-energize and build a thriving collaborative community in their own areas.


Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers will demonstrate cutting edge techniques that we have found to be successful, while at the same time working with you to ensure that our training follows your community’s standards and protocols.  We send out a questionnaire to help us learn, among other things, the terminology and procedures utilized by the local group.  We do this so that professionals who attend our training can easily be incorporated into the established community.


Trainings will typically include three trainers, one from each discipline (attorney, mental health professional, and financial professional).  Each trainer meets or exceeds the minimum standards of trainers set by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Adam B. Cordover, J.D., M.A., is a collaborative attorney, trainer, and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator who practices exclusively in private dispute resolution in Tampa, Florida.  Adam is the Immediate Past President of Next Generation Divorce, growing it to become Florida’s largest collaborative practice group, and a graduate of the Leadership Academy of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. Adam is also co-author with Forrest (Woody) Mosten of an upcoming American Bar Association Book on “Building A Successful Collaborative Law Practice.”

Kristin E. DiMeo, CPA, ABV, has served as the Financial Neutral in over 75 collaborative family law matters in the Tampa Bay area. She is the immediate past Co-Chair of the Tampa Bay Academy of Collaborative Professionals, past Co-Chair of the Collaborative Law Section of the Hillsborough County Bar Association and is a member of Next Generation Divorce.

Jeremy S. Gaies, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist and certified mediator who specializes in helping divorcing families pursue peaceful solutions. Dr. Gaies has played a leadership role in advancing the collaborative movement at the local, state, and national level, and is a member of the Tampa Bay Academy of Collaborative Professionals and Next Generation Divorce. Dr. Gaies is also the co-author of “Mindful Co-Parenting: A Child-Friendly Path Through Divorce” and a national speaker on divorce-related parenting matters.

Barbara E. Kelly, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and certified family mediator who has been working in the collaborative model for the past ten years.  She brings her experience with the international collaborative community and working with interdisciplinary collaborative teams to her training of other collaborative practitioners.  She has provided introductory and advanced collaborative trainings locally, nationally, and internationally.

David Harper, CPA, ABV, PFS, CFF, CBA, CVA, is a leading member of Next Generation Divorce and Tampa Bay Academy of Collaborative Professionals and contributing author for Adam Cordover’s and Forrest (Woody) Mosten’s upcoming book “Building a Successful Collaborative Law Practice.”  He has extensive experience serving as financial neutral in collaborative divorce matters as well as joint expert in other family law cases and has presented on a wide range of financial topics including collaborative law, family law financial procedures, business valuation and executive compensation.


Contact Adam B. Cordover at or (813) 443-0615 to bring an introductory collaborative training to your community, or visit to learn more.

By the way, if you know of someone looking for a low-cost introductory training in the next few months, we will be at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale January 6-7, 2017.  The cost is $275 for the two days if registration is completed and paid for by November 15.  To learn more and register for the Fort Lauderdale training, contact Randy Heller at or (954) 236-4490.

We look forward to helping you build your collaborative community!

Best regards,

Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers

Adam B. Cordover

Kristin E. DiMeo

Jeremy S. Gaies

Barbara E. Kelly

J. David Harper

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