I’m An Adult. Can My Stepparent Adopt Me?

When people think of adoption, they generally envision an adult adopting a minor child.  The adult may be a close relative or stepparent of the child, or not related to the child at all, but this is seen as the norm.

But can an adult adopt another adult?  Can a stepparent adopt an adult stepchild?

The answer to both of these questions is yes.  Section 63.042(1) of the Florida Statutes says that any person, whether a minor child or an adult, may be adopted.

In general, a prospective parent may petition a Florida court to adopt an adult so long as the adult and his or her spouse, if married, has consented to the adoption.  In fact, Florida has expedited procedures so that such an adult adoption can be finalized in a much swifter fashion than an adoption of non-relative minor child.

If you are a stepparent, and you wish to adopt your adult stepchild, you can schedule a consultation with a Florida adoption attorney by calling The Law Firm of Adam B. Cordover, P.A., at (813) 443-0615 or by filling out our contact form.


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