Facebook and Family Law: Be Careful What You Post

An article from Time Magazine recounts some horror stories and tales of caution emanating from the use of Facebook and other social networking sites.

A good general rule:  don’t post anything that you would be embarrassed to have your grandmother see.  This includes the following:

  • Don’t harass the other party;
  • Ensure that your friends are not harassing the other party;
  • Don’t post negative comments about the other party on your profile page, and ask others to avoid the same;

  • Don’t post pictures of yourself drunk or otherwise inebriated;
  • Don’t post pictures of yourself with any alcoholic drink in your hand;
  • Don’t post pictures of yourself making out with anyone; and
  • If your case involves money issues, and you are claiming poverty, you may not want to post pictures of your recent European vacation.

Use common sense when interacting in social networking websites and realize that anything that you put online may come to haunt you in court.

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