Diana Mercer: 10 Best Ways to Screw Up Your Divorce

The Huffington Post offers an intriguing read entitled 10 Best Ways to Screw Up Your Divorce.  This article, authored by a mediator and former family law attorney, explains how to waste money and minimize your opportunity for a successful outcome.  It includes the following tidbits:

  • “Be Disorganized…Either bring none of your financial records to your attorney’s office or court hearing, or bring all your financial records in a paper sack overflowing with miscellaneous papers.”

  • “Continue Living With Your Ex…If your relationship is deteriorating daily, be sure and continue to stay in the same house to save money.”
  • “Only Speak To Your Ex Through Attorneys…Don’t talk settlement until the court forces you to do so.  Say things like, ‘It’s the principal that matters!’ particularly if you have a limited amount of money to spend on divorce.”
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