Who has the Right to File a Paternity Suit?

Paternity is essentially the legal recognition that a man is the father of a child.  Establishment of paternity brings with it various rights and responsibilities, including (i) the right to establish a time-sharing (visitation) schedule for the father, (ii) the responsibility of the father to provide the child with financial support, and (iii) the right of the child to inherit from the father.

As stated in section 742.011 of the Florida Statutes, the following people may bring a paternity suit in Florida:

  • Any woman who is pregnant or has a child;
  • Any man who has reason to believe that he is the father of a child; or
  • Any child when paternity has not been established by law or otherwise.
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  1. Utah Divorce Attorney says:

    A paternity suit is a legal action which is taken to determine the identity of the father of a child. There are a number of reasons to initiate a paternity suit, but most suits are filed to establish financial or moral responsibility on the part of one or both parents involved.

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