What Is Co-Mediation?

Many people who are getting divorced want to reach an agreement with their spouse, but they need some help to do so.  Though non-adversarial options such as collaborative practice allow those who need more support to each have their own attorney to provide them advice, not everyone wants to be represented by an attorney.

For those people, co-mediation may be a perfect option.  And Family Diplomacy is proud to be one of the leading firms in Tampa Bay to offer co-mediation services.

Adam Cordove - Mediation

In co-mediation, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator Adam B. Cordover serves as a neutral professional to help spouses reach an agreement.  Though Adam does not provide legal advice to either spouse when he serves as a mediator, he can provide legal information and suggest options that he has seen work in other cases.

Rachel Moskowitz, LMHC

Adam is joined by Licensed Mental Health Counselor and co-mediator Rachel Moskowitz, who helps maintain a productive emotional temperature of the room.  Rachel keeps the spouses focused on what is most important to them rather than on the arguments that led to the decision to divorce.

The spouses sit down together with Adam and Rachel in a series of meetings until they have reached a full agreement.  The discussions in the meetings are private and confidential.  The spouses during co-mediation are empowered to make decisions that are best for their family, rather than be at the mercy of a judge who does not know their family.

Once agreement is reached, Adam can draft up the agreement and also help complete all of the forms necessary to finalize the divorce.

If you have questions about co-mediation, schedule a consultation with Family Diplomacy at (813) 443-0615 or CLICK HERE fill out our contact form.

Adam B. Cordover is an international leader in alternative dispute resolution and has led workshops on interdisciplinary practice throughout the U.S. and Canada.  He is past president of Next Generation Divorce, a non-profit organization that promotes private resolution of disputes, and he grew it to become one of the largest collaborative practice groups in North America.  Adam offers mediation services in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Sarasota, and Manatee counties and beyond.

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