Video: Cheaterville

The following video from KLAS, a CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, discusses a website called Cheaterville:

Please note that parties to a family law case should be careful about what they post to social media and other sites, especially if their case involves children.  As one of the factors in custody decisions is the ability to facilitate a close relationship between a child and his or her other parent, a scathing post on Cheaterville may be seen by a judge as antithetical to a child’s best interests (even if the other parent’s act of cheating was also against the child’s best interests).

People posting on these sites may also subject themselves to defamation and libel lawsuits.

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  1. Priceless says:

    I went to this site and I laughed my butt off at all the stories about cheaters. Very entertaining and didnt cost a thing

  2. ScexFrepsyFep says:

    I am proud to tell you the fact that I’m the most recent participant in here and i look forward to talking together with everyone within here soon.

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