Hillsborough Clerk Provides Update to e-Filing Status

I’ve recently been writing about e-Filing in Tampa Bay Family Law cases.  Many attorneys, like myself, are pushing for swift and comprehensive implementation of e-Filing (the option of filing documents electronically through the internet rather than sending a paper copy to the physical location of the clerk of the court) because, as I wrote in a previous post regarding the related concept of a “paperless office,”

money is saved on paper and postage; space is saved from bulky file cabinets; trees are saved from being cut down; and time is saved by quick transmittal of documents via e-mail.  This usually also translates to savings for the customer or client.

It looks like Hillsborough County is targeting July 2012 to implement e-Filing for family law cases.  From the Hillsborough Clerk of the Court:

 In 2009, the Florida Legislature enacted Chapter 2009-61, Laws of Florida, mandating that the Supreme Court of Florida create statewide standards for electronic filing of court documents.  Governor Charlie Crist signed the bill into law.  On July 1 of that year, the Florida Supreme Court responded with Supreme Court Administrative Order 09-30, which outlined the first set of statewide standards for electronic filing of court documents.  One of the standards required that a portal be created through which electronically filed court documents could be sent.  The standards are outlined for all 67 Clerks of Court in the State of Florida to follow to implement electronic filing of court documents.

The portal will allow for a SINGLE statewide log-in, utilizing a UNIFORM authentication process through a single point of access.  It will support access for attorneys and self-represented users.  Also, it will allow for the bi-directional transmission to and from courts and maintain a consolidated notification section.

The Hillsborough County Clerk’s Office, in accordance with the mandate from the Florida Legislature and the Florida eFiling Authority, will soon be accepting eFiling through the portal developed by the Florida Association of Court Clerks (FACC).

eFiling will be implemented in stages.  The first key date to mark on your calendar is April 2, 2012, for the eFiling of supplemental pleadings in the Probate and Mental Health Departments.  Probate and Mental Health will move next to accepting new cases through the ePortal on June 11, 2012.

The targeted start dates for other courts areas recommended by the Florida Courts Technology Commission (FCTC) to the Florida Supreme Court are:

• July 2012:  All Civil Cases (Circuit Civil, County Civil, Probate, Family, Juvenile Dependency)

    • December 2012:  All Criminal Cases (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile Delinquency, Traffic)

Please note that the FCTC has recommended a nine-month window before it is mandatory for all attorneys to eFile.  For all civil cases, the recommended mandatory date is April 2013.  For all criminal cases, the date is September 2013.

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