Why Don’t You Have More Collaborative Family Law Cases? Advanced Training Opportunity

We know that most divorcing spouses are better off using the collaborative process.  Still, you may not have as many collaborative cases as you want.  What challenges have you encountered when trying to enroll a collaborative family law case?

Does your heart pound when explaining the disqualification clause?  Are you worried about how to discuss costs?  Can you get your client to yes, but struggle to bring the other spouse on board?

The South Palm Beach Collaborative Practice Group invites attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals to an Advanced Collaborative Training on It All Starts In The Initial Client Meeting – Enrolling the Collaborative Case.  The training will be taught by Adam B. Cordover, Esq., Jeremy S. Gaies, Psy.D., Barbara E. Kelly, Ph.D., and J. David Harper, CPA of the Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers.  It takes place March 16, 2018, at the Boca Grove Golf & Tennis Club, 21351 Whitaker Dr., Boca Raton, Florida 33433.

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In this full day intensive advanced collaborative family law training, you will learn the keys to having a successful initial client meeting, including the following:

  • Innovative techniques for enrolling a collaborative case
  • Clear, concise messaging that avoids technical jargon
  • Your own unconscious biases for or against collaborative practice
  • The difference between a client-centered consultation and a legal-focused consultation
  • Interest-spotting rather than issue-spotting
  • Talking about collaborative practice in general compared to how collaborative practice can benefit the client in front of you
  • Specific responses to common client concerns
  • Concrete methods for getting the other spouse on board
  • Utilizing an interdisciplinary team to enroll the collaborative case

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Past attendees of this training have had the following to say:

“Absolutely outstanding training! I’m a FL Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and a certified financial planner specializing in divorce. For the past 6 years I’ve done pro se mediation, divorce financial planning, and dabbled in collaborative law. After spending a few days with these folks, the light came on and it suddenly all came together. Any Family Law Attorneys thinking of exploring collaborative law, and you all should be, owe it to yourselves to bring these folks to you community for a 3 day training session. It will be a practice changing experience.”

-Jon Kagan, Certified Financial Planner

“Thankful for day 3 [“Enrolling the Collaborative Case” after 2-day Introductory Training]: Discovering collaborative law practice philosophy. Game changer for my career!”

-Joshua Jones, Attorney

“Open, frank, professional, friendly, and fun presentation.  Extremely knowledgeable team, and inspiring.  Thank you, Team!  Loved the hands on work today – Very helpful!”

-K. Allesia Willis, Mental Health Professional

“Thank you for all your help and for sharing your knowledge and experience!  The information was extremely valuable and I look forward to applying the tools and knowledge that I’ve learned!”


“You guys rock!  Thanks so much for your discussions and abilities and your heart.  Can’t wait to see the fruit from this!”

Susan Carroll, Attorney

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