Could Chelsea Manning Have Received A Legal Name Change in Florida?

A couple of weeks ago, the Washington Post reported that an army soldier convicted of leaking classified materials had changed her legal name from Bradley Manning to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.  Ms. Manning’s name change has come after her public acknowledgment that she is transgender.

So could Chelsea Manning have been granted a name change in Florida?

The answer is no, but it has nothing to do with Ms. Manning being transgender. Transgender individuals, like any other Florida resident, will generally be granted a legal name change in Florida so long as it is not being done for any illegal or ulterior motive and so long as the petitioner’s civil rights are not suspended.

That last part is why Ms. Manning’s name change could not be granted in Florida.  Because she has been convicted of a felony, her civil rights are suspended, and any petition for a legal name change would be denied in Florida courts.

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