Cordover Presents on LGBTQ+ Family Law in Sarasota

Family Diplomacy’s managing attorney Adam B. Cordover gave a presentation on “The New Family: LGBTQ+ Issues & Family Law” at the 2015 Fall Conference of the Florida Court Professional Collaborative (FCPC) of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit.  The title of the Conference was “2015 Trends in Family Law.”

The conference was attended by over 90 professionals, and included judges, attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals.  The presentation centered around the evolution of the law as it relates to same-sex couples, along with LGBTQ+ child custody and adoption rights.

If you have questions about LGBTQ+ family law in Florida, schedule a consultation with Family Diplomacy: A Collaborative Law Firm, at (813) 443-0615 or fill out our contact form.

Adam B. Cordover is experienced in representing LGBTQ+ families and was involved in the first divorce to challenge both the Defense of Marriage Act and Florida’s constitutional ban on recognizing marriage between individuals of the same sex.



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