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Many Local Courts Will Be Closed In Observance of Presidents’ Day

Most of the local courthouses will be closed on February 21, 2011, in observance of Presidents’ Day.  Closed courthouses include those located in the following judicial circuits:

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General Rules Governing Mediation

The Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida (which includes Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, and Sumter Counties) offers the following general rules for mediation:*

  1. Mediation is a supervised settlement conference presided over by a neutral mediator who suggests alternatives, analyzes issues, questions perceptions, uses logic, conducts private meetings with attorneys and their clients, stimulates negotiations between opposing sides, and keeps order. The mediator does NOT hear any testimony, review any evidence or make a decision. The only result of the Mediation Conference is the agreement, or non-agreement, of the parties. This is not an arbitration procedure.
  2. The appearance of counsel who will try the case, and their clients (a management representative if a corporate party) with full authority to enter into a full and complete compromise and settlement is mandatory. An insured party must have a fully authorized representative (not the attorney) of the insurance company attend the mediation conference. Read more