Need To Reduce Your Cell Phone Bill? Consider Consumer Cellular

Spouses going through divorce usually come to a realization pretty quickly:  two spouses living in two homes costs more than two spouses living in one home.  And with this realization comes a reality check:  it is time to reduce living expenses.

One way to reduce living expenses is to reduce your cell phone bill.  And, based on personal experience, I recommend reducing your cell phone bill by switching to Consumer Cellular.

Here is a description of Consumer Cellular’s service from PC Magazine:

Consumer Cellular is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that uses AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s networks. It has topped PCMag’s Readers’ Choice Awards several years in a row and is popular for its inexpensive plans and strong network. The 626 supports GSM (900/1800/1900MHz), UMTS (900/2100MHz), and HSPA (900/2100MHz) bands for solid 3G connectivity. I was able to make calls without issue from multiple locations in midtown Manhattan.

Call quality is excellent. Transmissions are clear, voices sound natural, and earpiece volume is loud, as are the rear speakers. 

Consumer Cellular has talk and data plans that fit most people’s needs, and does so at a rate that is much lower than traditional plans.  Below are the talk plans that CC is currently offering:

Billed Per Use
Unlimited MINUTES

In case you are wondering, this law firm gets no incentive from Consumer Cellular to promote their brand, and none of the links in this post generate any benefit to the firm.  However, based on our personal experience, Consumer Cellular saves a lot of money compared to the traditional cellular providers.  Further, the quality of service has been just as good as AT&T cell service.

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