Advantages of a Stepparent Adopton

Florida has provided an expedited process for cases where a spouse seeks to adopt his or her stepchild.  Advantages of a stepparent adoption over the average adoption include the following:

  • Preliminary and final home studies to determine the suitability of intended adoptive parents and whether the adoption is in the child’s best interests are not required (though, in some cases, they may be ordered by a judge);
  • Proceedings for termination of the biological parent’s rights occur at the same time as proceedings for adoption, so an intended adopted parent does not have to wait until a biological parent’s rights are terminated prior to filing a petition for adoption;

  • In most cases, medical, biological, and sociological information regarding the child and the biological parents is not required to be disclosed during the proceedings;
  • Notice is not required to grandparents with whom the child has lived; and
  • A hearing on the petition for adoption may be held immediately after the petition is filed (depending, of course, on the judge’s schedule) IF all people who are required to consent have done so, and those consents have been filed.

Many of theses advantages are also provided to close relative adoptions and adult adoptions.

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