Video: Adult Adoption

Below is a brief video from the Audiopedia that gives a general description of Adult Adoption.


You can find a transcript below:

Adult adoption is a form of adoption between two or more adults in order to transfer inheritance rights and/or filiation.  Adult adoption may be done for various reasons, including to establish intestate inheritance rights, to formalize a stepparent / stepchild relationship or a foster parent / foster child relationship, or to restore the original legal relationship between adult adoptees and their natural families.
In Japan, adult adoption may be used in order to facilitate the continuance of a family business. This form of adoption is known as “mukoyoshi,” or son-in-law adoption.
Adult adoption, may also be used in some jurisdictions by same-sex couples in order to establish inheritance rights. Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction, adult adoption may not be available as a legal option.
In the United Kingdom, only children may be adopted.  The Adoption and Children Act of 2002 states an application for an adoption order may only be made if the person to be adopted has not attained the age of 18 years on the date of the application.
In places where adult adoptions exist, it may or may not transfer filiation in addition to inheritance rights.
For example, in Colorado, one can adopt an adult of age 21 or older for inheritance purposes but filiation will remain unaffected. However, adoption of a person between the ages of eighteen and twenty includes transfers of both inheritance rights and filiation.
In most other american states, both filiation and inheritance rights are transferred.
Though I cannot vouch for the information in this video related to other jurisdiction, I can confirm that Florida permits adults to adopt other adults.  I can also confirm that adult adoption in Florida will affect both filiation (the ability to be known as someone else’s child) and inheritance rights.
If you want to learn more about your adult adoption options here in Florida, we can help.