St. Petersburg Divorce Firm Review: “I am extremely pleased that I hired Adam and Britney”

When going through divorce, it is important that you have trust and confidence in your attorneys, and that they will be up front and honest with you.  Below and in this link you will find a review that a former client left on our St. Petersburg location Google Page:

Navigating a divorce is not an easy process. My ex-wife and I were ending a 19 year marriage where we simply grew apart and we both needed mental health support. The collaborative process that was described to me seemed ideal given that we were both in agreement to end the marriage. Just like our marriage we had very different goals and some of those goals were not fair or we were not legally entitled.

Adam and Britney were instrumental in working with my ex-wife’s attorney to address all our emotional issues. Suggestions were all focused on how to navigate your own emotional tactics and your ex’s in order to come to a fast and fair resolution. They suggested an emotional mediator to work through our parenting plan, a CPA to go through financial scenarios and an appraiser to value our home and help us conclude our [equitable distribution – division of property and debts] scenarios.

They assigned me homework on videos to watch, legislation to stay abreast on and working through scenarios that would be feasible to both parties to agree too. They would help level set expectations with reality and [I] was pleasantly surprised that we were done by year end. Most importantly they helped me understand the implications of the scenarios and potential risk of decisions all while answering my questions. Whenever I raised issues, they would help navigate the next steps

The collaborative divorce process is not for everyone. I am extremely happy and fortunate that my ex-wife and I have accounting backgrounds and our reasons for divorce were an agreement to release each other to be better apart. We could not have completed this process without their assistance and in comparison to numerous other people I spoke with about their divorce I am very extremely pleased that I hired Adam and Britney.

Five Stars


Of course, every situation is different, and we cannot guarantee the same or similar results for you, but we certainly would like the opportunity to try!

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